Bpology provides Outsourcing, CAD conversion services , CAD Drafting services, 3D Modeling services, 3D Rendering services, Character animation services, Character modelling services.


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Services of the company determine the strength of the company. It is the services that are offered by the company which helps in gaining the business of the company. BPOLOGY believes in offering the best and viable services to its clients.

BPOLOGY provides world class profit enhancement Service.

We excel in Design Interpretation from schematic design through development phase. We develop CAD detail libraries, CAD standards, and CAD systems, helping our clients to standardize. We prepare as-built drawings from existing blueprints; undertake drawing, drafting, cad conversion and digitization of hand sketches, survey notes, complex paper or velum drawings as well as drawing conversions from imperial to metric, all in accordance with AIA Architecture Standards We provide professional CAD services like 2D CAD Drawing, Cad conversion, 3D Modeling, Rendering and Paper to CAD Conversion services for Architectural Concept drawings, Architectural Working drawings and construction document set & house plan drafting as per city codes.

Our CAD services include manual re-drafting and digitization.

We specialize in providing Architectural CAD Off-shore services like CAD Drawing, Drafting, 3D Rendering services , 3D Modeling , Designing and Conversion Services to clients across the globe. Building long-term partnerships with clients by exceeding expectations of quality and productivity is our key aspect in our business module.

We offer our customers end to end solutions, back office operations of quality and support. With our extensive technical expertise and implementation of strict quality control measures, clients are assured of high precision CAD Services in accordance with AIA architecture standards.

We deliver constant productivity benefits by maximizing client profitability and creating tangible savings through cost-effective timely deliveries.

We have the requisite technical expertise in all phases of architectural, engineering and building industry. Our team includes skilled and experienced graphic artists, architects, CAD operators, interior designers and support staff to create innovative solutions customized to customer requirement.

Our Various Services include:

Paper to CAD conversion , Scan to CAD Conversion , DWG Conversion, DGN Conversion , Multi-layer CAD Conversion , Legacy Drawing Conversion , Digitization Services , PDF to DWG Conversion , DGN to DWG Conversion

2D to 3D Conversion , MCD to DWG Conversion , PDF to DGN Conversion , TIF to DOC Conversion , TIF to DWG Conversion , Drafting House Plans , Mechanical Drafting , 2D CAD drafting services , Architectural Drafting

CAD Design , CAD Drafting Services , Structural CAD Drafting , Electrical drafting , Fire Protection System , Power Distribution System , Design and Drafting of Power System , Lighting System design and drafting , Design and drafting of Plumbing System , (HVAC) System Design & Drafting , Electronic drafting , Structural Steel and Detailing.

3D Architectural Rendering services , 3D modelling services , 3D photorealistic rendering services , 3D Animation services , Photomonting , Photoshopping , Photo Editing services.